The Walrus Cover Image

As part of our last illustration project at RRC, students were asked to make a mock cover for the popular Canadian general interest magazine The Walrus. Inspired by recent events regarding the Wet'suwet'en land protests, I chose to illustrate a First Nations woman, based on a photo taken at a protest happening here in Winnipeg, featuring activist and really cool gal, Emily Amos.

Instead of opting for a lighthearted, less serious topic, what I believed to be right is to comment on our current social issues regarding First Nations Indigenous Canadians. By including the red handprint in this piece as a focal point, I wanted to also bring focus in solidarity to the MMIWG in Canada.

This illustration was created primarily in Photoshop, making use of a drawing tablet. Noise based textures were also used to add visual interest and depth.

The Walrus Texture Feature Image
The Walrus Typography Feature Image
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