Redbull Header Image

Energy is a very abstract concept. The word itself could mean a number of different things depending on the the context. That's why for this branding exercise I chose to explore some abstraction. When approaching this fictional rebrand project for RedBull energy drinks, I wanted to explore the avenue of special edition cans, as oppose to a full-blown brand redesign. The idea being that people could collect the various different can styles. Above you see three can samples, all utilizing a different image.

Using real photos and photoshop photo manipulation techniques, I created a set of custom images to serve as the feature of my design. These images were created as abstract expressions of energy. Swiss layout techniques were utilized when creating the label. Overall the cans feature a minimalist style layout, to bring focus to the can visuals. Additionally, pictured are two ads featuring the new can design and the slogan "Experience Pure Energy".

Redbull Ads Image
Redbull Can Comparison Image
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