P is for Prosecco Image

An exercise in visual metaphor and representative illustration, this project is an elaborate "Drop-Cap" inspired illustration. Using the letter "P" I explored a style of digital illustration I was new to, making heavy use of custom photoshop brushes and textures. As with most of my illustrations, I chose to warp perspectives and shapes to add more visual interest where needed. In this instance the illustrations main focus is to entertain the user, so artistic liberties are necessary and beneficial in creating a visually appealing piece.

The main form of my "P" is made of a Prosecco bottle with the bowl of the letter being a splash of prosecco escaping the bottle. Additionally, the other items scattered around the bottle all share the same first letter, ie. pearls, pears, peaches, photographs. The drop cap is also based around the theme of party.

P is for Prosecco Texture feature One
P is for Prosecco Texture feature Two P is for Prosecco Texture feature Three
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