Charlee Bear Dog Treats Custom Logoptye Image Charlee Bear Dog Treats Custom Packaging Image

Having worked in a pet store for two years and working at an animal shelter for four, I’ve had the supreme opportunity to experience the wonderful world of pet product packaging. Some are fantastic and clever, some not so much. For this re-brand exercise I chose Charlee Bear Natural Treats for Dogs. They make a variety of biscuits with relatively simple ingredient lists for all breeds of dog.

When doing market research I kept running into a common trend, packaging that just had way to much going on! So for my re-brand I chose to go in a simplistic, playful direction. I started off with a custom hand written logotype, inspired by the curly coat of the brand’s namesake breed. Above you can see my packaging re-brand featuring a custom colour for each recipe

Overall my proposed re-brand was meant to simplify and refine the packaging of an already fantastic brand. As well as create a system that accurately displayed the playful nature of dogs.

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